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Gayle and Spencer Radnich are American friends who adopted me when I first arrived in Nairobi in 2001. Spencer is a former Xerox executive who taught at Daystar University in Nairobi and has worked with World Concern. Gayle is an infectious diseases nurse (and a wonderful chef) and she introduced Imbi and I to Beacon of Hope.

Beacon of Hope works primarily with women who are infected with HIV/AIDS or who are at risk. These women are given both work and life skills to be able to support their families.

Imbi and I spent half a day at Beacon this past June and we shot a video while we were there. I’ve finally had time to edit it and put it up at YouTube. Let me know what you think. (TECH INFO:The video was shot in HDV, edited in DV in Final Cut Studio and compressed to H.264 video at 320 x 240 before uploading to YouTube.)

Please note that most of the interview subjects speak three languages; English, Kiswhahili and their tribal language (primarily Kikuyu here.)

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