Friday Morning & A Few Random Links

kinnon —  November 3, 2006 — 2 Comments

I’ve watched the sun come up on a beautiful (but cold) fall day here in Toronto. (Temp around 28ºF right now. A high of 39ºF, today.) The windows to my home office reveal gorgeous fall colours. It’s good to be alive.

Since getting up shortly after 6am, I’ve been working in After Effects 7 and reading Google Reader (while After Effects renders). And some of what I’ve read this morning has made me profoundly sad, while other stories are wonderfully encouraging. I’m going to stick with the encouraging & helpful. Pollyanna must be my patron saint today – at least until 10am.

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2 responses to Friday Morning & A Few Random Links

  1. Neat bicycle furniture… but… here’s a better way: recycle bicycles. We sent a couple of still good but needing a little work and no longer being used at our house bicycles there in the spring.

  2. All I can say is “I’m glad my wife doesn’t have an RSS reader!”


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