How robust is Gmail?

kinnon —  November 20, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’m in the process of writing a promised post on Does the OS Really Matter Redux. Google’s Gmail plays an important role in that post. But lately I’m beginning to question how robust Gmail really is. I’m getting a lot of errors when I attempt to send via Gmail. Error code 766 is starting to drive me out of my mind.

I’m about to send an email via my .mac account web access, after trying for the last five minutes to send a simple email with Gmail. Hmmmm.

(mere seconds later) The .mac email has been sent via the web interface. Which works rather nicely.

UPDATE: After restarting Firefox , Gmail now appears to be down completely – I get the dreaded 766 when I attempt to log on – and on my Google Home Page, Gmail shows up as Information is temporarily unavailable.

UPDATE 2: After about 40 minutes, Gmail is back up – both sending and receiving.

UPDATE 3: And it’s down again. And twenty minutes later, it’s back.

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One response to How robust is Gmail?

  1. I use gmail as my primary and only e-mail address, and I’ve never had a problem. Never actually heard of it before. I guess I’m a fortunate gmailer.


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