Jackie Danicki was attacked on the Tube Today

kinnon —  November 24, 2006 — Leave a comment

Jackiesattacker-1I only know Jackie through her writing. She’s a regular read via RSS in Google Reader. And a few minutes ago I read this:

The kid in the picture above doesn’t look very harmful, right?* He’s reasonably well-dressed, anyway. But actually, he is quite a large fellow, and likes to assault random women with the help of an equally vile friend of his. (emphasis added)

Jackie was physically assaulted in a sexual manner on a crowded subway train. No one came immediately to her defense. The story is enraging for many reasons – not the least being the mute response of others. Unbelievable.

She reported the attack to the police. If you recognize the kid, then notify the British Transport Police. Please.

*As of 15 minutes past noon PST, this picture has been viewed over 3000 times at Jackie’s Flickr page (400X in the last 20 minutes). It was taken less than 24 hours ago. (Imbi pointed this out to me.)

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