Mac Pro: It Finally Happened

kinnon —  November 10, 2006 — Leave a comment

Well, after much contemplation and justification, this is the first blog post created on our company’s new Mac Pro. There was a time when a purchase like this wouldn’t even have been on the radar – what with things like Digital Betacam purchases for massive edit suites. Those days are gone (as is the nine person staff). Today is Imbi and myself, with the aid of gifted freelancers, as needed. I no longer lie awake at night thinking about payroll. (Now I lie awake at night wondering what I’ll write on the blog tomorrow. I need to get a life.)

All that aside, I’m very excited about the Mac Pro. The Final Cut Studio upgrade arrived yesterday, and I’m about to load it. (The last two hours were spent transferring everything over from my PowerBook, which has served as my primary computer for the last three years. It will now become the floating laptop around here. Used by whoever needs it the most.) I’m looking forward to Adobe After Effects rendering times being significantly (and I mean, significantly) faster – even though AE has not been written for the Intel-based Macs.

I’m also looking forward to launching a new blog in December called achievable media – focused more on production tools, technology and creative. I’m planning on narrowing the focus a bit on achievable ends. But more on that later. Now I’m off to spend more time inside the Mac Pro.

And if you’re wondering, the present config is one 250GB system drive, 3 Gigs of RAM and the 2.66Ghz Dual Xeon Duo processors. Tomorrow, three 500GB SATA drives will be added to provide 1.5 Terrabytes of storage. Rather than buying the drives from Apple or Carbon Computing – I’m getting them at half the Apple price from the good people at AG Computers in Toronto. My Mac Pro is going to be one hot and fast editing machine!

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