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kinnon —  November 14, 2006 — Leave a comment

…sounds like a new kids show. And perhaps it is. Mary Jo Foley smacks the Scoble Bunny down and sides with the Billionaire Philanthropist and Time Man of the Year, Billy Gates.

When it comes to the question of whether we’re in another bubble or not, I have to agree with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, not former “Microsoft chief blogger” Robert Scoble.

The International Herald Tribune quoted Gates, speaking to a group of journalists in Brussels last Thursday, as saying: “We’re back kind of in Internet-bubble era in terms of people thinking: ‘O.K., traffic. We want traffic. We want traffic,’ There are still some areas where it is unclear what’s going to come out of that.”

Scoble responded: “It’ll be interesting to see if Bill has the last laugh in this game. I usually don’t bet against him, but I am this time around. Why? Cause I think Microsoft will end up spending more to clone some of this stuff than its competitors paid. Yes, even YouTube. Tell me, how will Microsoft create a video service that gets talked about almost nightly on mainstream media?”

My money’s on the Bunny. For what it’s worth. And my upcoming post on Why the OS Really Doesn’t Matter Redux explains why.

AND: Stay tuned for achievable media, coming in December – where Bill’s focus on media & technology will find it’s new home.

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