Of Flying Pigs and Zune Success

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Zune-Munch-ScreamIn spite of Zune fans who flit from blog to blog attempting to douse the flames of Zune reality, the Zune is not now nor will it every be a hit product. In fact, expect it to have the same kind of overwhelming impact as the much hyped UMPC. (One Micro-centric blogger wrote of those of us who proclaim Zune failure that we ignore what MSFT did to Netscape, VisiCalc, WordPerfect et al. As wonderful as the ’90’s may have been, it’s time to enter the new millennium, my friend.)

Rob Hyndman points to this story from Paul Thurrott @ Windows IT Pro:

To hear Microsoft tell the story, you’d think its recently released Zune MP3 was doing just fine: Sales of the widely-reviled device were “exactly within our expectations,” a Microsoft spokesperson said recently. Reality, however, is a bit more cruel: After appearing in the top 10 on Amazon.com’s list of best-selling electronics devices for about a week after its debut, the highest-charting Zune model today can only be found if you scroll quite a ways down the list: The black Zune is currently nestled at number 95. The white and brown models, even more embarrassingly, can be found at numbers 866 and 687, respectively. Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research refers to Amazon’s sales list as “a pretty good indicator of consumer interest.”
Everyone who’s gotten their hands on one of these devices has declared it an abject failure, including, not coincidentally, yours truly: My review is now available on the
SuperSite for Windows. It ain’t pretty.

For those of you new to my Zune conversations, I don’t buy the iPod as dominant MP3 player hype eitherread this post. Microsoft has produced an inferior product for a rapidly contracting media-player-only market.

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