On Feeding Trolls

kinnon —  November 11, 2006 — 1 Comment

Had a troll drop by the comments section today. He wanted to point out my status as a moron. ‘Twould seem he has an elevated understanding of computers. And a need to enlighten dummies like me. Problem was that he hid behind a fake name. The strength of his convictions didn’t extend to his willingness to reveal his own identity.

Which leads to this rule at achievable ends.

If you want to comment anonymously, then basic etiquette is required – pretend you’re a guest in my house. If you want to question my intelligence or insult me, then have the strength of character to reveal yourself. Within reason and assuming there is some cogency to your argument, the comment will stay. If you don’t, then like little Aussie Pete today, your comment will be vapourized. With extreme prejudice.

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One response to On Feeding Trolls

  1. Ah, I know this all too well… darn Trolls.


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