On Moleskins & PDA’s

kinnon —  November 23, 2006 — 3 Comments

I commented on Darryl’s use of his Moleskin at lunch today. He took copious notes from our conversation. I struggled to T9 text “Darryl” into my beloved W810i, and gave up. I’ve already forgotten half the things I was going to follow up on. (But I’m trying to remember, Darryl, honest.)

Michael Spencer raves about Moleskins today.

My Moleskines are with me constantly and are easily portable in my satchel. Working with computer calendars and journals is simple, but I want to write, not type. I type plenty. But I want to write and I want to keep writing. The psychic experience of pen and paper is not transferable for me. IOWs, my Moleskines make me happy.

Why not use another notebook? No big reason. Moleskine is a nicely made product, with a look and feel that writers enjoy. The books are plain, simple and efficient. They lay flat. The paper doesn’t bleed. Sites like Moleskine Art will show you what some people do with their notebooks. All resemblances to a religious cult are purely accidental, I assure you, but I do take pleasure in seeing how many Moleskines are now appearing in television and movies. Resistance is futile.

Michael recommends you go here to purchase.

UPDATE: Gideon Strauss weighs in with his own Hipster PDA. Check out his Flickr hPDA photo show.

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3 responses to On Moleskins & PDA’s

  1. That was really a great post by Michael.

  2. Thank you for the link! Hopefully soon I will have good pens, too.

  3. Soon, I mean. Good pens soon.


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