Some Assembly Required: IKEA Homes

kinnon —  November 28, 2006 — 2 Comments

I used to joke that IKEA was Swedish for “one part missing”. Early in our marriage, IKEA was our primary furniture store. For a while, every IKEA box we schlepped home seemed to be missing one part. I had to choose where the best place for the wobbly section would be in whatever I was assembling – because I’d never remember to get the needed part when next at the Blue and Yellow store of Swedish goodness.

It appears that IKEA has been in the pre-fab home building business for a while in the land of winter darkness. And now they are building their BoKlok modular homes in the UK. And you can load them up with Enetri, Inreda, Flärke, Extorps and more. Don’t forget the Sultan Högbo.

I wonder whether I’d still get to choose where to have the wobbly bit.

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2 responses to Some Assembly Required: IKEA Homes

  1. Hey Bill – Maybe I have all those parts you’re missing. Every time we have bought something from IKEA, I end up with extra hardware. It’s gotten to the point where I even count out the parts just to make sure I didn’t forget to put something in. Every time, there’s something extra.

    I keep it all in a drawer I call “extra IKEA parts”. Maybe I should rename it “Bill Kinnon’s missing hardware”!

    Of course, it does make me wonder how closely they count the hardware when they package it up…..

  2. You don’t have to have any of my socks to, do you???


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