Ted Haggard and the Church Leadership Question

kinnon —  November 16, 2006 — 1 Comment

In light of the Ted Haggard swirl, my friend, John Stanko and author & speaker, Sally Morgenthaler both have interesting posts on Church Leadership. (John references the 1 Samuel 8 passage in his post that I’ve mentioned often here.) Read both John and Sally, please.

John Stanko: We Bear Some Responsibility
Sally Morgenthaler (at Out of Ur): Does Ministry Fuel Addictive Behavior?

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One response to Ted Haggard and the Church Leadership Question

  1. Bill, I don’t think we are prepared to deal with the real implications of John and Sally’s comments. It would be nice if the problem was simply church accountability structures. Let’s have the pastor fill out an evaluation form. If he lies, then we have a basis for firing him. That really doesn’t get at the issue. What we are dealing with are spiritual questions whose answers need to be more than just words and text references. I am finding that these two questions continue to get asked whether you are an 11 year old middle schooler or a mature 53 year old business man. 1.What does God want the church to be, and 2. Where is God in all of this? If our first response is to talk about the structure and the organization of the church and its programs, then we’ve missed the point. Thanks for pointing to these excellent pieces.


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