The J Train Marketing Minifesto

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If you haven’t already read Cluetrain* then you might want to check with your Doctors to see if there are any brain waves present. Sorry, that was rude. And it is Thanksgiving. So I am thankful that some of you still need to be told about Cluetrain. But that’s not what this post is about.

Doc Searls, one of the Cluetrain co-authors points to John Dodd’s Minifesto, The J Train. Here are a few quotes from the post:

All Markets Are Up For Grabs.
It’s no longer possible to control the conversation. While incumbents spend their time trying to cling to that belief, you have the opportunity to step in, reframe the discussion and win a new argument.

Difference Not Differentiation.
Customers have either too much stuff or not enough time and value current choices over substitutes. Minimise the behavioural change you demand of them, but give them a real reason or reasons to love your product/service.

Don’t Disappoint.
Ensuring that everything works and instantly reacting to any problems is a given. Bad news travels much faster and wider than it did before. An informed customer is your best promotion but potentially your worst nightmare.

Please read the whole post.

*No money needs to change hands. Click on the link and you can read it for free.

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