The WSJ asks…What’s in a Zune?

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What’s in a Zune?
For Microsoft, plenty.

The Wall Street Journal article is behind a subscription wall (ensuring the eventual demise of the WSJ, but that’s another post) and I’m only reacting to the clip I recieved via my CEA Smartbrief subscription.

One way in which Microsoft has tried to differentiate its new Zune media player, released this week, from the ubiquitous iPod is by choosing an energetic-sounding name. Branding experts hope that the Zune will become both a commonplace name and a verb, much like Google.

My expectation is that Zune will probably have more in common with Edsel than Google. See my Zune posts here. Especially when Apple gets this kind of iPod hype – airlines to offer iPod integration with seatback screens, power, etc. I’m still convinced that the media-player-only device market is rapidly shrinking. Phone/camera/media playing devices are the future. (Read the stats in this post.) The rumours swirl around Apple’s “iPhone”. (Note: I listened to four podcasts and three hours of music using my Walkman Phone on the flight to Denver from Toronto – and then on to Boise. I still had about 60% battery life left in the phone when I arrived.)

What really is needed is a common interface standard (for power/video/audio) – which would probably be USB based, as it already has the power and data handling capability. Allowing you to plug in anywhere – car, plane, train, hifi, etc. (I charge my W810i musicphone via USB 90% of the time – and it appears as a drive on my desktop. USB 2.0 is more than fast enough for video.)

What’s in a Zune? A lot of hype. And that’s about it.

AND: Stay tuned for achievable media, coming in December – where Bill’s focus on media & technology will find it’s new home.

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