Why I Can No Longer Recommend Kathy Sierra

kinnon —  November 3, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’m sorry. This is very hard for me to write. I’ve raved on and on about Kathy Sierra. I’ve made recommendations to others to read her. Not just here. But via email. And for what. For this!*

She dropped the F-bomb. Well, technically, she removed the “uc” and replaced them with two asterisks…but we all know what she was saying. I run a wholesome family blog here. I profess to be a Christian. And she has to go spoil everything and use “that word”. Over and over again. Now I’m going to have to remove her from my blog list. She’s right at the top of the Leadership list. Delete every post that talks about her. Pretend I never knew her. All because of that word.

I mean, if I continue to support her, church people will call me Emergent. They’ll say I’ve lost my faith. I’m on my way straight to hell. All because of that word. She couldn’t say “freaking” or “frigging” or something else that means the same thing but would get by the censors. No she had to almost spell THAT word.

I’ve got some work to do.

*Whatever you do, please don’t go to that link. I can’t be responsible for what happens.

UPDATE: Some of my regular readers think I’m serious. I’m not. (Note the category is humour.) I am making a statement about language (however feeble – and by adding this Update, I’m admitting my writing was not successful) and our response to it. As much as the F-bomb can be a show stopper, we need to recognize how ubiquitous its usage has become and deal with it with some manner of maturity. I would remind those of my sistern and brethern, offended by my statement, of the language that the Apostle Paul used to describe his education and status in Phillipians 3:8 was much coarser in the original that what is translated as “dung.”

All that being said, don’t expect me to begin dropping F-bombs in my writing of this blog (although characters in the novel I’m writing do actually use the word without asterisks – it makes sense with their character.)

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One response to Why I Can No Longer Recommend Kathy Sierra

  1. Hi Bill,

    I stumbled on to your blog and realized you were the guy shooting the Southside Story video. I am the one with the unique experience meeting the cop…

    I admire the humor in your post….



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