But What if I Want the Baton back…

kinnon —  December 6, 2006 — 4 Comments

A number of years ago, when Liam was not quite a teen (I believe, but I’m old and my memory is fading) I showed him a few chords on the guitar. He began to work at playing. Within a very short time, he was playing circles around me. My multiple guitars began to move into his orbit. (Although my ’65 Tele and my 74 Guild D-25 acoustic are still in my possession…momentarily, anyway.)

In high school, Liam began to show a talent for writing – capitalization and punctuation not withstanding. He’s been a gifted song-writer and lyricist for most of his teen years. Now approaching his twentieth birthday (in January), Liam is maturing as a writer and thinker – often with insight that seems deeper than my own.

He’s been blogging for a while now and his latest blog post makes me realize how the baton is definitely passed from parent to child. He’s challenging me to think more profoundly myself.

But what if I want the baton back, Li?

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4 responses to But What if I Want the Baton back…

  1. My 2 year old daughter frequently comes into my office, grabs my pick and starts strumming away on my Takamine while making up songs. Her favorite is “a-eh-ooohh-uh” (Hallelujah) a song we sing in our worship gatherings from time to time. Although at this point I look forward to the day when I can teach her the few chords I know, I realize the time is coming where I will feel like she is playing circles around me….It’s not far off.

  2. I have a Guild D-6 … and I think it sounds better than my daughter’s Taylor…but she does play circles around me on it!

  3. The Guild is my baby. I bought it new from Long & McQuade in 1975. It’s been through some wars but still sounds fabulous.

    The ’65 Tele was my guitar teacher’s. (He was my next door neighbour who gave me three lessons.) In a moment of madness in the summer of ’78 he sold it to me for $300. Three months later he wanted it back. It never happened.

    I almost gave it away to a friend who’s a well known Christian songwriter. This was before Liam began to play. Imbi reminded me forcefully that I had three children who might well become players. I would not be giving the Fender away! As usual, she was right. The guitar will be Liam’s sooner rather than later.

  4. Thanks for the link Dad. I’ve been racking my brains for something witty to say about Batons but the honest truth is that, as Newton said, I stand on your shoulders. Anything I write that is even remotely decent is mainly because of the way you and Mom taught me to think critically and encouraged me. Thanks for the support.


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