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kinnon —  December 30, 2006 — Leave a comment

Rob Hyndman points at this great post from David Pogue on the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo itself is clearly too smart to market the Wii as a fitness device. You won’t see a word about it in the ads. The closest a spokeswoman would come to addressing the fitness topic is, “Enjoying the Wii in both a physical and emotional way is one of Nintendo’s new forms of gaming. It’s a great mind/body connection.”

Now, I already know what kind of hate mail I’m going to get. “You’re a terrible parent,” it’ll say. “Your kids should be outside getting fresh air and sunshine, playing stickball and walking a mile to school, uphill both ways!”

Yes, O.K., sure. That would be great.

That would also be 1950.

Besides, that’s the wrong comparison. I am not suggesting replacing real, outdoor, playing-with-neighborhood-kids exercise with Wii playing.

I am, however, suggesting that the Wii is infinitely better for our kids’ health than any other video or computer game — in fact, better than just about any other indoor activity.

The Wii sounds like way too much work to me.

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