DDOS – Are we under attack?

kinnon —  December 22, 2006 — 1 Comment

In the last 24 hours, we’ve been having very spotty internet access. Some sites load immediately. Others won’t load at all. Our Vonage phone works on and off.

A few moments ago (after a half hour wait), I finally spoke to our cable service provider, Rogers (whose site I can’t get on). They don’t know what the problem is – they just know their Toronto customers are experiencing it. Could be an Internet Backbone issue or it could be a DDOS – a distributed denial of service attack. The Rogers call centre is in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. They don’t use Rogers as an internet service provider – and they are having no problems.

Probably just as well that the Internet is slow today. I’ve got lots of work to do before Christmas Eve day (when I shut the computers off…or at least attempt to, until the 27th.)

I wanted to add an old television black and white, “Do Not Adjust Your Set” graphic to this post – but I can only get to the front page of iStockphoto. Oh well.

And one might reasonably ask why I’m bothering to post to the interweb – I guess it’s just better than talking to myself. (I tend to tune me out.)

UPDATE: Apparently I can post to my blog (via ecto or by going directly through TypePad), I just can’t see it. Go figure.

HALF-HEARTED ATTEMPT @ HUMOUROUS ASIDE: I am an anti-death penalty advocate – a position I hold strongly. However, I’m beginning to reconsider this in light of spammers and DDOS hackers.

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One response to DDOS – Are we under attack?

  1. I experienced the same problem in Toronto during Christmas. It turns out to be a DDOS on DNS servers. I populated my own host table and managed to reach most of the sites.


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