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As I reference him as often as I do, one might think that Ed Brenegar and I are long lost friends. The reality is, although we’ve talked on the phone, we have not met in 3D space. Yet, I consider Ed to be one of the people with whom I am in constant conversation – along with a few other good friends. He causes me to think in ways I haven’t before, consider things unconsidered and helps me to focus my thoughts on particular subjects. Our relationship developed through our blogs and it is one of the reasons I continue to blog.

Ed responds to my Marketing the Church series as well as posts from Greg Stielstra and Out of Ur, with an insightful post that is part of his Innovative Business Ideas for Churches. An excerpt,

…what I believe we are about in the church is transformation. We are all, both individually and corporately, in a long protracted transition in life. What we were in the past is not what we will be in the future. The church is the agent for transformation in society. And it happens through people.

So, how then does the church treat people from the standpoint of developing communication and increasing participation?

We look at people as Christ looks at people. He sees us as a conflicted mix of God’s goodness and personal sin. We see his relationships with people in the Gospels as a mixture of deep compassionate love and the discipline of clear personal and social boundaries. We must be realistic that people can be both good and evil in virtually the same moment. They can be noble and self-destructive. And it is the social context of the Body of Christ that acts as a guide and a buffer from the worst that is imaginable.

Therefore, the church is a place of engagement in the transformation of human lives to be different than they were. This is more than stewardship, more than philanthropy, more than showing up for activities. It is determining what it is that God has called me personally to do in the context of the community where I find myself. (Emphasis added)

Please read Ed’s entire post.

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