Great Customer Service – from the Government?

kinnon —  December 15, 2006 — 1 Comment

I mentioned earlier, my need to get a new passport and how little I enjoy the process.

On Tuesday of this week, I finally got my act together – all the forms signed and sealed – and wandered downtown to the Passport Office. The lines were long and I thought the wait would be interminable. To my surprise, I was in and out within the hour and the person who served me was fun and friendly. Was I in an alternate universe? In my hour wait, I had the opportunity to observe about six different office staff – and they were all friendly. Was this really a government office?

I was told my passport would be sent out after December 27th. This morning, Canada Post knocked at my door and had me sign for a package. My passport! Good grief, Charlie Brown! In under four days, the Government of Canada had processed my new Passport. I’m in shock.

All I can say is this wasn’t my experience when the Liberals were in power. Hmmmm.

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One response to Great Customer Service – from the Government?

  1. “Great Customer Service” and “The Government of Canada” rarely go together in the same sentence. I am shocked.


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