I Hate Passport Renewals

kinnon —  December 5, 2006 — 6 Comments

I feel like I’ve spent the last three hours filling out the passport forms…because I have actually spent three hours filling them out. (Download off the net, load into PDFPenPro, edit, print out, then read instructions, fix multiple mistakes, print out, read instructions again, fix fewer mistakes, wonder who to list as References, hmmm, search for their addresses, address access determines who gets to be a reference [you’re one of them, Jon H. and no I’m not coming caroling] print out again, can’t find any mistakes [doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just means I can’t find them].)

Now I need to go get my hair cut. I hate getting my hair cut. Last time was in the summer and Imbi did it at the cottage. At least I got to stare at the lake and listen to good music. Now I need to walk down the street and try out a barber I’ve never used before. I hate this. And then I have to get pictures taken. I hate that to – I always end up looking like some foreign criminal (I’m not, really I’m not). Then I’ve got to get some fine, upstanding professional to guarantee I am who I say I am – a Doctor, Lawyer, Pastor, Chiropractor… And tomorrow I get to go stand in line at the passport office and wait to be told what I’ve forgotten to put in the documents.

Maybe I should forget traveling and just stay home.

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6 responses to I Hate Passport Renewals

  1. I can provide a reference, did you want a good one? “Ever since he got outta jail Bill’s been a great guy”?

    Can’t help you on the barber front…

    C’mon, you don’t have anything planned for Friday night. I’ll see you at the church for Carolling, unless you and Imbi were going to stay home and watch a half dozen movies…



  2. Sorry, Jon. Gonna be too busy exposing the nefarious activities of the French secret service. No time for caroling. Perhaps next year.

  3. After reading your passport post I find myself praising American bureaucracy? Having a valid passport qualified me for expedited service. I simply filled out a form and dropped the form and the passport in the mail and voila, three weeks later I received the latest version of the US passport! I could have paid more money and had it sooner but I’m not in a rush.

    Whilst abroad, Canadians exhibited ‘passport envy’ when they learned that I could have new pages sown into my passport by ‘simply’ reporting to the U.S. embassy. With all of the visas and stamps you acquire to live abroad the extra pages simplify life and ensure that you don’t end up in some dingy, foreign Immigration room having to produce obscene amounts of cash to enter a country. Ah, the joy of passports!

  4. You know I love you, Lucas, but I’d still rather travel the world on a Canadian passport – and put up with the hassles. And I have a nice haircut to prove it.

  5. The responses from foreign immigration officials do tell the tale, smiles versus frowns, a nod and a wave for the Canadian as opposed to a bit more scrutiny and dead-panned expressions for the American. Nice haircut!

  6. You can get a pastor to be your guarantor? I’m a Canadian living in Denver, and although my form allows for veterinarians, a pastor is not qualified to be a guarantor for Canadians living in the U.S. Maybe it’s those megachurch gay sex and drugs scandals…


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