iPhone Launches

kinnon —  December 18, 2006 — Leave a comment

Late last week, Gizmodo announced they’d seen the long awaited iPhone – but couldn’t say anymore ’til Monday. Well, it launched today…from Linksys. Turns out Cisco (Linksys Parent) has owned the trademark since 1996. Bet they couldn’t wait to announce this product – what will all the talk from those of us who’ve been eagerly anticipating an iPhone from Apple.

While the wait for the iPhone may be over – we are still waiting for what…the iCell, iMobile IM Phone, the iTalk, the iCom…

If you really must read about Linksys’ new VOIP phone, go to TechMeme or visit Gizmodo.

UPDATE: Om Malik says Forget the iPhone, Think Google Phone. And I should add, I’m completely addicted to Google Mail (Gmail Mobile) on my W810i Walkman Phone. It just works. Great interface. Easy to use. Fast. Need I say more.

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