Seth Godin, Alan Hirsch and Chaos Freaks

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Alan Hirsch responds to a Seth Godin post, I’d be a lousy pilot. (HT: Emerging Grace)

From Seth,

I think (outside of the airline business, of course) that our need for pilots is diminishing, and rapidly. I think the value add of a person who carefully follows instructions and procedures keeps going down. I think the fact that pilots would do well in a job interview at your organization means your organization probably should change the way interviews get done.

We don’t need pilots. We need instigators and navigators, rabble rousers and innovators. People who can’t follow a checklist to save their life, but invent the future every day.

Hirsch responds in light of the church,

For far too long we have tried to over-legislate, control, stifle chaos, predict outcomes, steer decisions, etc. Church history is quite simply full of the activity of passive aggresive clerical engineers (popes, canons, rule books, denominational heavies, inquisitions, etc) and control freaks. Little wonder missional creativity and genuine innovation in modes of ecclesia have gone out the window.

It is time for the chaos freak to arise. Take your place instigators, rabble rowsers, innovators, holy rebels. This is your time to shine.

In light of Seth and Alan, you might find thse posts of mine interesting, Idea Killers vs Killer Ideas, Part One & Part Two. Please check them out.

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