Too Much Work – It Must Be Christmas

kinnon —  December 19, 2006 — Leave a comment

It might just be my procrastination, but I always seem to have too much work to get done before Christmas. As a result, I won’t be doing as much blogging. I will attempt to get part 3 of the Marketing the Church series up for tomorrow morning – but I can make no guarantees. I have two short video edits and a longer church story to have edited by Saturday morning. I’m feeling the stress. (Mostly self created.)

Regarding, Marketing the Church 2-b: A friend of mine who is a pastor in town, asked whether I’d contacted that church pastor directly before posting my comments. I hadn’t/haven’t. After commenting on the content of the post, my friend said,

I did, however, briefly put myself in the shoes of the pastor of whatever church it was that put out that piece, and thought – I would feel pretty low if I was reading your blog right now. It’s a little close to home and a little too…current, if you know what I mean. That piece probably has a fair bit of emotional investment from its producers, and so the sensitivity at this moment is probably at its highest.

As a pastor, if I had made that mistake – and I easily could, since I know NOTHING about marketing, and would have followed the advice of someone whom I had contracted or who was in the church – I would have appreciated a personal email from you sharing those concerns, and also offering some helpful ways to improve it. It is hard to receive criticism without hearing about a better way to show how it should have been done.

Point taken. I will attempt to be better about this in the future – and I appreciate good friends like this.

UPDATE: I have emailed the pastor of the church.

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