Where Will They Bury Billy and Ruth?

kinnon —  December 15, 2006 — 1 Comment

Brother Maynard pointed to this story in the Strib (the Minneapolis Star Tribune). It’s a story that brought tears to my eyes – the Graham Family Fighting over where they should bury their mother and father.

Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Check out the Washington Post article and the response of the ever erudite iMonk. I’ll talk more about this in Marketing the Church Part III, tomorrow (Monday.)

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One response to Where Will They Bury Billy and Ruth?

  1. Billy Graham’s family feuding over burial place

    How come nobody talks about the fact that at 88 years of age Billy Graham is still receiving as Chairman of BGEA a hundred percent salary of $ 189, 385 and $ 233,979 for other allowances and is not working for it! The same with Clifford B. Barrows who is receiving $ 164,442. They both should have been put out to pasture a long time ago and should have stopped taken a salary that they have not earned!

    And yes Billy used his organization to support financially his children including $ 600,000 to Franklin Graham, $ 210,000 to Ned Graham and $ 300,000 to Ann. Ned Graham who was originally slated to take over Billy Graham Evangelist Organization instead of Franklin received less money because he is the black sheep of the family. What gave Billy Graham the right to take money donated to preach the gospel to give to the support of his family especially Ned Graham? Nothing!

    link to cnt10.tripod.com


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