Zune – a million by June – hardly!

kinnon —  December 30, 2006 — 7 Comments

Haven’t talked about the Zune lately. Perhaps this is why.

Microsoft hopes to sell a million by June 2007. Apple sold multiple millions in December alone. And musicphones outsold both Zunes and iPods combined. Sony Ericsson shipped 3 million Walkman phones from August to December of ’05 alone – and that just after they launched – this year has been even better for them.

…music cellphone sales are already showing signs of strong performance around the world. Sony Ericsson has sold 15.5 million Walkman music phones in just 14 months, and Motorola claims sales of 15 million “high-quality music phones” in the past year. But now for the real clincher: Nokia expects sales of music phones to be 80 million in 2006 alone, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of digital music-players (sorry Apple).

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7 responses to Zune – a million by June – hardly!

  1. But how many people are actually using music phones for music? Perhaps someone should do a poll regarding that. I’m not convinced that when people buy a music phone that they are actually buying it for the music features, but rather because they need a new cellphone. I know that if I had a music phone, the only way I would use it instead of my iPod would be if it had the same storage capacity as the ‘Pod. Other wise it’s just scrawny in comparision, and lacks the integration that iTunes provides.

  2. Jarrett has an excellent point. But even if a substantial portion of those buyers are (or will) actually utilize the music-playing features, the net result is a massive negative for AAPL, and, at this stage, a neutral for MSFT.

    In fact, the more that cellphones eat into iPod’s market share, the better positioned Zune is, going forward. That’s because, unlike most Apple-cult member journalists and Wall Street analysts, Microsoft views Zune as a ‘lifetime device’, not simply a competitor in the MP3 space.

    Within a year or two, Zune will not only have built-in calling capabilities, but enable owners to perform banking and stock trading, as well as serve as a micro-payment device (like EZPass). In terms of potential revenues, the music and video stuff is peanuts compared to those areas.

    Gene from ZuneChannel.com

  3. sorry Gene – a cellphone as a “lifetime device”?
    I got my first cell phone 6 years ago – I’ve owned 4 since then. I didn’t change as often as I could have – but I did change. 2 were because the batteries gave out and it was cheaper to get a new phone than purchase a new battery.
    I will never consider any phone a “lifetime device”

    I don’t even consider a computer to be a “lifetime device”. Neither my car, or my clothes – does anything I buy last a “lifetime”?


  4. As well, the Zune will be able to make French Toast, will correct your children when they are wrong, will walk the dog while stooping-n-scooping and be able to calculate pi to a trillion places. In short, Zune’s a miracle. Why didn’t I see that?

  5. Bill, I think Apple’s been listening. And is now about to kill any of the other music cellphones…
    link to macrumorslive.com

  6. The only problem with the new iPhone is that Cingular is the only one that can sell it in the U.S until 2009. That and when’s Canada going to get it? I hope they can unlock this phone easily…

  7. If I were american, I’d switch to cingular just for it. I think you can take your number with you in the states? no?

    When canada is going to get it is a good qustion considering Jobs didn’t even mention us… “US in June 2007, Europe in late 2007, and Asia in 2008”

    Oh well, I still have at least a year on my current contract.


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