A Missional Journey – to Vancouver & Points Beyond

kinnon —  January 5, 2007 — 3 Comments

Later today (Friday), I’m on a plane to Vancouver to hang out with Al Roxburgh. We are working with the Allelon team on the new Allelon website that launches Feb 1 – as Mark Priddy announced yesterday in the latest Allelon newsletter. There is already a lot of great material on the site and the relaunch will feature a simplified home page and a lot more material – print, video and audio.

On Sunday I fly down to LA to audit Al’s D.Min class that he and Mark Lau Branson are teaching at Fuller. I’m not back to Toronto until the following Sunday.

My trip in some ways reflects my spiritual journey over the past 20 months – one might say I’ve gone From Mega to Missional – a post I plan on writing in the next few weeks. A number of books have helped me on this journey, not the least being Al’s two most recent, The Sky is Falling* and, with Fred Romanuk, Missional Leader. David Fitch’s book, The Great Giveaway also had significant impact and I recommend it highly, along with David’s blog.

I’ve also been helped along this journey by blogging friends Darryl Dash, Michael Spencer, Brad Bergfalk, Ed Brenegar, John Frye, Susan Arnold, Rob McAlpine, Gerry Michalski and others – including God-Blog-Father, Andrew Jones and the ever prolific Scot McKnight. I’ve particularly enjoyed the recent conversations with John Santic – an important new voice in the missional blog world.

I board the plane tomorrow with two new missional books in hand. One is Earl CrepsOff-Road Disciplines, for which I need/want to write a great review. I wasn’t prepared to love this book but I did. It’s the first book in years that I’ve read through more than once. If, like me, you’re a boomer coming to terms with the missional conversation or a missional millenial trying to understand boomers, this book is for you. I believe it’s an important addition to the missional spectrum of books – especially for those of us who aren’t just navigating the post-evangelical wilderness (an iMonk phrase) but who are also Post-Charismatic. (I look forward to Robbymac’s book of that name coming soon from Kingsway.)

The other book accompanying me is Alan Hirsch’s, The Forgotten Ways which arrived this morning from Amazon. I’ve only just begun the book but I’m already convinced it’s a “must read.” Visit Alan’s blog to get a taste of the content of Alan’s book – and go ahead and order it – along with Earl’s. They are both worth the money. (UPDATE: Read Len Hjalmarson’s review of Hirsch’s book.)

I’ll be checking in at achievable ends as often as I can over the next ten days. If I get a moment, I’ll write the next installment in Marketing the Church and also attempt to respond to some of the comments on previous posts.

Al and I are looking forward to grabbing a few hours with our old friend, Chris Falson and I may attempt to post a brief video interview with him while I’m in LA. No promises, however.

*You can watch the video Imbi and I produced for Al’s, The Sky is Falling at YouTube. Another short video, based on Al’s older book, Reaching A New Generation, will be up @ the Allelon site, Feb 1 – we shot it on the Danforth this past summer. There will also be some other great video material including Al’s conversations with Pat Keifert and Craig Van Gelder.

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3 responses to A Missional Journey – to Vancouver & Points Beyond

  1. Bill, I am expecting any day now David Fitch’s book, the Great Giveaway and look forward to reading it soon. I just got my hands on Brueggemann’s newest book today, The Word that Redescribes the World….looks intriguing at first glance and I almost hesitate to recommend it before I’ve read it….but I will…It’s Brueggemann.

    Maybe we’ll see you while you’re out West.

  2. Bill, I am honored that you are taking me with you on your journeys! 🙂 I would be very interested in your reflections on the The Forgottn Ways, when you have got through it.

    Peace and travel mercies


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