At Fuller in Pasadena, California

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I’m at Fuller. ‘Twould be great to be here as a student, but that will never be.

I’m here with Al Roxburgh while he teaches a D.Min class with Mark Lau Branson. We will be shooting a number of interviews for the new Allelon web site that launches Feb 1. Those interviews will be up over the late winter and early spring.*

Feb 1, Alan and Allelon launch the Roxburgh Journal which features an interesting podcast with emergent Kiwi, Steve Taylor. There are also two good video interviews on what Missional means with Al and Pat Keifert and Al and Craig Van Gelder.

The new site promises to be one of the great resources for the missional conversation. For those of you who don’t know Allelon, it is a network of missional leaders committed to providing missional resources for the church. Allelon was founded and is led by Mark Priddy.

*For those of you who love technology, I’m shooting with two Sony HVR-Z1U HDV cameras. We are shooting in High Def, editing in Standard Def 16×9 and distributing in anamorphic SD for DVD and 16×9 format for the web (Flash and QuickTime). Within the next year, we will be releasing Allelon missional media in HD as well as SD.

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