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kinnon —  January 26, 2007 — 1 Comment

Part of what we bloggers seem to do is spend a vast amount of time linking to other great blog posts. Google Reader’s Link Blog simplifies the process, dramatically – although not allowing us to add our own comments – yet. Link blogs are an interesting way to see the various kinds of posts that we find interesting – without requiring a lot of time. (Google provides a Share button on each post in Reader.) My link blog info (and the latest posts I’ve linked to) is in the column to the left.

My friend, Double D, (Darryl Dash) is also a link blogger – with his latest link blog links in the left column of his blog – or you can see all of his Link Blog here. Google Reader also allows you to easily subscribe to Darryl’s Link Blog feed. I’m convinced GR is the best RSS feed reader available. And I’d love to read your link blog. (You don’t even need to be a blogger to have a link blog.)

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  1. Bloglines also includes a link-blog feature, with the capability to add your own comments.


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