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She was beautiful, fast, funny, occasionally annoying and always there to joyously greet us. Part Lab, part Dalmatian, part Whippet – all ours. She loved us fiercely and unconditionally – even though she’d suffered great abuse from her original owners. Dundas was almost four when she came to us. And it was our great privilege to have her as part of the family for the past decade.

Goodbye D-Dog.

UPDATE: Liam expresses our sense of loss much better than I.

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, sometimes it is impossible to believe you have to. I do not want to feel sad about a dog. But she wasn’t just a dog, she was Dundas. She was the humor when we didn’t have any. She was the family member who didn’t understand why we were upset, but knew how to comfort us. If God reveals himself through his creation I think he reveals his unconditional love through dogs.

Thanks, son.



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2 responses to Dundas

  1. Sorry to hear your sad news.  My heart aches for you guys. Dundas was a good, strange, perfect dog for the Kinnon family.

  2. Sorry to hear about Dundas. Lorna told me last night. She heard from Jamie who was talking to Rylan. I’m sure you will miss her alot. Who’s going to squeak the toys to annoy you?


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