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I’ve been up since 5:30am here @ Fuller. Alan Roxburgh and I are off to interview Eddie Gibbs at 7:30am. The two Sony HVR-Z1U HDV cameras, tripods, Lowel Tota-light and mics are packed and ready to go.

We shot a great round table last night with a number of younger church leaders here in the LA area. That was a blast. I look forward to editing all the stuff Al and I have recorded whilst here.

All of this material will end up at Allelon over the course of the next few months. All of it as part of how Allelon is engaging as a movement of missional leaders.

UPDATE: Alan and I drove around the Fuller Campus looking for the mythical Student Administration Bldg on a particular unfindable street. Of course, being male, neither of us had thought to confirm the exact location the day before. Had we had that kind of foresight, we would have discovered Eddie’s office was two floors above where Alan had been teaching all week. We could have walked from the Fuller Guest House. Too funny!

EddieandalanThe interview was wonderful. I can’t wait for you to be able to see it – but I will just have to…wait that is.

This afternoon we will be shooting at the church Ryan Bell pastor’s in Hollywood and then later in the afternoon Al interviews Ryan Bolger. (Must be a Ryan kind of day.) I’m looking forward to more great footage.

With Allelon’s permission, of course, I may try to put up some clips from this trip on YouTube next week. Stay tuned.

The rather poor quality shot was taken after the cameras and light were put away and is from my Sony Ericsson W810i – I wonder if an iPhone shot would look better? (Not that I ‘m wanting to update my phone already. Really. I’m not. But I bet Liam would love the W810i…)

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