Early Sunday Morning in Vancouver

kinnon —  January 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

It’s relatively early here in Vancouver, I’ve been up for an hour. The rain soaks the outside world, faint memory of the snow that piled itself inches high two days ago.

Winds have wreaked havoc on this beautiful city. Centuries old trees lie broken everywhere. As if mad giant children discarded them like soon forgotten Christmas presents.

I am reminded of England in 1987. The windstorm of the Century. I was with our friend Al, then too. As were Imbi and baby Liam. When six of Seven Oaks were felled. When England seemed littered by these same mad giant children. Trees uprooted, flung carelessly about.

Today is Liam’s 20th birthday. He is at school in Ottawa. His mother, brother and sister are in Toronto. I am in Vancouver. Wishing we were all together. Here amidst the rain, fallen branches, uprooted trees and oft-missed dear friends.

Happy Birthday, Liam



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