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kinnon —  January 18, 2007 — 1 Comment

One of the things I want to remind my Net-living children is the impact of what they create in their online communities.

Last night, Facebook revealed that our Numero Uno son had added a little permanent metal to his visage. His brother was checking out No 1’s Facebook page – and being the E that he is (in MB parlance) – exclaimed something along the lines of “that’s cool. I need to get one.” Prompting an immediate response from his parents and sibling – birthday girl asking whether she could do the same. “No!” the chorussed response. All this the result of a Facebook entry, from Ottawa no less.

Another Facebook entry from Ottawa has prompted the firing of two store employees – via //engtech, via Michael Geist.

//engtech reports:

…an Ottawa grocery chain (Farm Boy) has fired employees because of postings they made on Facebook under their real identity. Facebook is a MySpace clone focused on University/College students. Devon Bourgeois and James Wood are now jobless because of messages they posted on a message board on Facebook (although it was not publicly available). The gist I got from the story is that the company fired them for admission of theft based on posts on the Facebook message board.

Let me add that visual recognition software like that created by Riya will make hiding your identity much harder when you post pictures of you and your friends – even under assumed names.

Hopefully the MySpace generation will take this as a wake-up call and be more careful in what aspects of their life they post online.

UPDATE: Rob Hyndman points to the comments on Geist’s post – it’s become an outlet for disgruntled Farm Boy former and present employees – and very bad PR for Farm Boy. The law of unintended consequences at work.

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  1. To be fair I was planning on surprising you when you come to visit. I guess the real thing about facebook is that if your friends decide to post pictures with you in them there is nothing you can do.


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