Free DirecTV satellite recievers for Pastors

kinnon —  January 22, 2007 — 4 Comments

Double D* points to this.

Ever since Twentieth Century Fox announced the formation of its FoxFaith division—catering primarily to evangelical moviegoers—and the subsequent failure of The Nativity Story on the big screen, some have wondered how to best go about marketing Christian-friendly movies, especially to churches.

FoxFaith thinks it has found at least part of the answer. Partnering with DirecTV, FoxFaith is offering free satellite TV connections to churches to give them the opportunity to screen upcoming movies in advance—especially those films FoxFaith has deemed Christian-friendly.

The FoxFaith website says: “We understand that as a pastor, there are movies out there that are in parallel with your value system that you may want to support, if you could only see the film before it came out in theaters. Together, Fox Faith and DirecTV have come up with a solution. We want to give you a chance to see the movie via satellite. If you are a church and want this, they will install a satellite system in your church for free and give you basic service for free as well. There are no strings attached. We believe this really solves the problem. After you have the satellite, we’ll let you know when the Fox Faith screenings will take place and what channel it will be on. You will be able to view the movie before it comes to theaters over a virtual private network.”

Ah, just what our pastors needed—free satellite TV with “no strings attached.” We can’t help but wonder how many pastors will think, Sermon prep? Bah! Why dig out my Greek lexicon when I can watch an advance screening of the next “Christian thriller”!

Hey, FoxFaith…I’m starting a house church. Can I get a receiver, puhleeze!? Why, I’d even blog about it…maybe. And, really, I’d never call it a bribe – just…say…a nice incentive. Whadda ya think?

*Darryl says he’d never go for the FoxFaith bribe. He would, however, be willing to mention great restaurants…for free meals. And there are a lot of great restaurants in T.Dot.

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4 responses to Free DirecTV satellite recievers for Pastors

  1. Actually, I’m open to all kinds of product placement deals. I could arrange for stuff to appear in the bulletin: “Wardrobe by Harry Rosen” “Darryl prefers Nintendo Wii” etc. But please, nothing crass. It has to be tasteful.

  2. Gee,
    And here I almost had a Hanes underwear deal for you.

  3. Can they set it up in my home office?

  4. Youth pastors get NOTHING! Jon. Sorry, ’twas ever thus.


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