If it’s Friday, this must be Boise

kinnon —  January 12, 2007 — 1 Comment

Yesterday began with a couple of shoots at Fuller, then back to the Guest House to finish packing and off to LAX with Al Roxburgh. We parted company there and I headed off to a Denver flight, which left an hour late, spent three hours cuddled up to a book at the Denver airport, and then boarded an RJ for Boise which also left late. I finally rolled in to where I’m staying around 12:30am.

Now I’m off to shoot The Landing in Eagle, Idaho – a missional community with an interesting story – which will be up at the Allelon website later this spring.

But first I need to hit Rembrandt’s for a good cup of coffee. (Before I begin shooting, not before the story is up at the website…)

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One response to If it’s Friday, this must be Boise

  1. Weird. I was in Boise on the 12th, too. I hang out at the GFU Boise Center on a roughly monthly basis. And I love Rembrandt’s…would’ve been fun to catch up with you. Someday…


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