I’m Not Feeling Sleepy

kinnon —  January 29, 2007 — Leave a comment

Kaili and I were discussing the recurring sleep issues for certain members of the Kinnon clan, yesterday.. (Kaili’s name is pronounced Ki – lee – accent on the first sylable.) We all seem to be night owls – and truly hate mornings. Unfortunately for Kai, where we live requires that she get up most mornings at 6am in order to get to the French school she attends. But she can’t get to sleep until midnight most nights. What to do?

Apparently there are a number of great foods to help one become sleepy. They include the great old standby, warm milk, as well as Chamomile tea, bananas, a little honey in the warm milk, a small baked potato, oatmeal, almonds, flaxseed, turkey and whole wheat muffins. (The whole wheat is out in our house as three of the five of us have wheat allergies.) Read this post on the Top 10 Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep discovered on the wonderful Reddit. (I hate Digg, but love Reddit. Go figure.)

And no I’m not feeling any better…yet.

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