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kinnon —  January 9, 2007 — 2 Comments


I’m glad it’s not available until the summer in the US, and who knows when in Canada…because I’m happy with my Sony Ericsson…really…I am…happy….

UPDATE: Has anyone else noticed this…the sound of weeping that seems to be emanating from the Zune team location in Redmond. With similar sounds coming from Microsoft folk at CES in Vegas. It’s a little disconcerting.

UPDATE 2: Reports are also coming in that certain Microsofties have been overheard muttering, “yah, well, sure it’s cool. But is it available in brown. Noooooooooo.”

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2 responses to iPhone Home

  1. Apple now has my attention.Very cool.
    And Steve Jobs does a great job presenting it. See below.
    link to news.com.com
    link to news.com.com

  2. Now Sun microsystems is suing Apple. I guess they were too anxious to “break” into the market.
    link to blogs.zdnet.com
    Just one of the articles about this.


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