John Santic and Billy Graham

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John writes a thought provoking and respectful post on Billy Graham and the modern presentation of the Gospel after watching a Billy Graham special on TV. John responds to the medium and the message – as well as the medium as the message. And wonders at the presentation of the Gospel as almost exclusively a message of personal, individual salvation.

It was as if salvation was a separate element to becoming ingrained, adopted, integrated into the family of Church, which Jesus challenged us is thicker relation than blood. Now some might argue that they are separate. I would disagree on the grounds that God is not about saving individual souls, but redeeming all of creation and saving a people for his glory. So does the biblical pattern of salvation emphasize a personal relationship with Jesus as something separate from participation in the Church? I guess I’m just curious why too often evangelical soteriology only emphasizes the personal aspect and neglects the corporate when the biblical image sees no separation.

John writes as one who had a radical conversion experience some six years ago. I look forward to him sharing his story. John shared it with me last fall when I interviewed him for a video I’m producing.

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