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kinnon —  January 13, 2007 — 9 Comments

My friend, John Santic, is a networker extraordinaire. John has turned me on to a number of bloggers – let me pass them on to you.

Erika Haub blogs @ The Margins. Erika lives a missional life in South Central LA with her husband, Doug and their two kids, Mercy and Aaron. She is a very good writer. In one of those odd real world moments, I began to read Erika last weekend. On Monday, one of the facilitators of Alan Roxburgh’s class at Fuller told me he’d just stumbled on to my blog. He recognized me from the new picture. His name is Doug…and he’s Erika’s husband. How weird is that? Like so many of my favourite bloggers, Erika is an ECC pastor.

JR Woodward is another LA based blogger and missional/emerging leader – he’s one of the pastors of Kairos Los Angeles. He’s a friend of Erika’s who linked to my Church of the Little Rascals post – after John Santic turned him on to it.

Mike Todd left the Centre of the Universe (Toronto, for the non-cognocenti) to experience life on the left coast. He lives in North Van and is another missional guy – with one of the best blog names ever, Waving or Drowning?

Check them all out. And let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Mike and John want everyone to know that Regent Prof, John Stackhouse is blogging. You might want to check him out, as well. (‘Twould seem that blogger extraordinaire, Scot McKnight, was the first up with the news. But of course, Scot never sleeps.)

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9 responses to New Blogs I’m Reading

  1. Hey, Bill, thanks for the shout out! I was on campus twice last week with the kiddos and thought we might bump into you, but alas it was not to be. I’m glad you and Doug got to hang out a bit 🙂

  2. great list of reading material!

  3. Bill,

    I’m glad that John helped me to discover you as well. Next time you come to Pasedena, let me know a little ahead of time. Maybe we can meet up. Peace. Say hi to John for me.

  4. Bill – Hi from the Left Coast… thanks for the link.

  5. normally it’s trouble I’m starting, not relational connections…

  6. Don’t worry, John. If Bill is connecting with me, trouble is bound to follow!

  7. You are all waaaaay too much fun for an old guy like me…but really Mike, are you waving or drowning? If you’re drowning, perhaps someone might help. John?

    JR, I’m back in June. Let’s set something up.

    Erika, sorry we missed meeting. Al was busy trying to kill me with shoot locations. It was a blast, but let’s make a point of meeting in June. My wonderful wife will be with me. And I’ll see whether I can convince Brad Bergfalk to come down as well. Another ECC pastor, no less.

  8. Rather than drowning, I think Mike needs help avoiding falling trees on the North Shore…:)

  9. Depends on the day, Bill. Some days I’m waving… some days I’m drowning.


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