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kinnon —  January 29, 2007 — 6 Comments

At the recommendation of a number of people whose opinion I value (Doc Searls and the Head Lemur as just two examples), I’ve turned Snap Preview off. If you want to know where links go (and you need to do it quickly), enable the Cooliris plug-in. It works in most browsers, but really, why do you need to use any other browser but Firefox?

Update: Noel Heikkinen is running a poll to see whether he’ll keep Snap Preview on his blog. Vote early, vote often. (Well, the first part, anyway.)

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6 responses to Snap Preview Off

  1. Why? I’m just curious what the reasons are.

  2. Part of the issue is simple bandwidth usage, part is the annoyance factor – the reader can’t control what happens when they accidentally or otherwise end up over a link – and Cooliris plug-in gives the reader the choice – rather than me making it for them. The other reason is that too often the Snap Preview just shows an empty box – a complete waste of time.

  3. Gotcha. I do like the Cooliris plugin, I have been playing around with it today since I was here.

    The only thing I would add is that Snap Preview does have an option that allows a user to disable it for all the sites they go to. Again, it’s a pain because you are forcing someone to have to do that…

    I should do a little poll on my site to see what people think…

  4. See you just have to wait a while and the fad will pass. Actually, I was thinking of installing it, but now, maybe not.

    Tonight instead I’m going to upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Hopefully things will go well. I’m a little nervous though because of all the emphasis they placed on backing up. Even though I’, a good IT guy, and I make my clients do the backup and recovery thing, I tend to be a little more “shoot from the hip” when it comes to upgrading stuff. It will just work won’t it? Well, I’ve been burned a couple of times, so were all backed up and ready to go!

  5. I used Snap for about 24 hours. What was I thinking??

  6. I don’t get it. I love Snap Preview.

    It enables me to check all my links for link rot (URLs no longer working, or typed in wrong).

    I vastly prefer to see a preview of a web site prior to visiting it, since credibility can be judged to some extent by the appearance of the site, and Snap Preview gives me an idea of where I’m going if I click.

    I think it would increase click rates on links, but have not seen any studies to support this hunch.


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