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For those of you who don’t read achievable ends via an RSS reader, you might note some minor blog refreshening. There’s a more recent photo of me (from Friday, December 29th) and I’ve added a link to my Link Blog below my picture. (These are blog posts of people I read daily – the ones I feel are worth sharing.) I’ve also done a minor update to my “Blogs I Read” list.

The pic is actually a crop of this shot of my buddy George and me – taken by Imbi with George’s Nikon D80:


We had six cameras taking shots at Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvannia. This is a great shot that George took of Imbi and me:


Here’s a shot of our kids, taken by Imbi with her new Canon ELPH SD600 (which replaces the Lumix FX7 that was dropped at Christmas – after already being dropped by me a year ago at CES):

Rylan (18), Kaili (16 in 16 days) and Liam (20 in six days).

BTW, Liam and Rylan as Substance Over Style have made all their songs on PureVolume available for download. They are working on some great new tunes that will hopefully be up (for listening) in the next few weeks. They have a CD in the works.

The beautiful Kaili (pronounced Kylie) has her own PureVolume site and is busy putting a band together. She has an amazing (and deafening) voice. I’ll get her to send me the link.

George puts me behind bars:


George and his favorite creative tool (after his saxophones and EWI) – picture by Imbi:


And finally – four of the seven Furlows (technically Josh and Lisby are Moyers but who’s technical when it comes to family) taken by me with George’s camera:

Lucas, Dee, Will and George

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