Trust Me – Buy This Book…and This One

kinnon —  January 26, 2007 — 3 Comments

Off-Roaddisciplines-1ForgottenwaysSomeday, perhaps, I will actually finish my reviews of Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways and Earl Creps’ Off-Road Disciplines.

Do me a favour, please. Buy the books yourselves and write wonderful reviews. They are both good books. And Amazon can get them to you quickly. You’ll thank me.

If you really must read a review of Hirsh’s book, then wander over to Len’s blog @ Next Reformation. No one writes book reviews like Len. TSK’s cartoons suggests he likes Alan’s book, too.

And Duane loves ORD as much as I do.



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3 responses to Trust Me – Buy This Book…and This One

  1. I just bought Alan’s book last week.

    Your blogs — both yours and his — continue to be like fresh water for me. I’m very thankful.

    I love the book!

  2. Brant, When I read your stuff I recognize that we are from the same tribe – you’re just a better (and funnier) writer, ’tis all. And your artwork ain’t too shabby, either

  3. Bill, thanks for the feedback on the site we are developing. It is going to rock, but I do value your insights here as I defer to your expertise. And THANKS so much for the thumbs up on my book. I would also like to encourage you to do that review. It doesn’t have to be a summary like Len’s. Just a review–perhaps on

    Love your work

    Peace and blessing


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