Watching the Watch-Doggies

kinnon —  January 16, 2007 — Leave a comment

TSK points to this post from Verum Serum, Tickling One’s Own Ears, Part One.

As the issues connected to Christian “watch-dogging” have heated up, I have become more and more fascinated with the whole concept of people feeling as though they have been called upon (by God) to keep watch over the rest of us. Mind you, I’m not speaking of the “pastors as shepherds of their flock” kind of watching, but more along the lines of the “Big Brother is watching you” kind of watching. John’s excellent post about John Macarthur and his upcoming book Truth War gives clear evidence as to just how high up the “watch-dogging” craze goes. When prominent Church leaders begin to advocate a “devil in our midst” philosophy (no pun intended), then the lower ranks may take their lead and begin seeing the devil everywhere as well. Think Salem Witch trials but without the burning at the stake (at least not yet).

I love the term “watch-doggies” that Scott uses later in his post – but I’d prefer to think of the TR watch-bloggies as Predestinated Puppies of Panic, PPP for short. (George Bush spelling of first word intentional.)

A while back, I wrote a lot about the Generous Web. The PPP are some of the best examples of the ungenerous web.

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