A Kinnon on the Perelman Stage of Carnegie Hall

kinnon —  February 9, 2007 — 2 Comments

There’s the old story of the young man walking along West 57th near Fifth, who stops and asks an old newspaper vendor, “Hey man, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The older man looks at him for a moment and then replies, “Practice son, practice.”

Our beautiful 16 year old daughter sang at Carnegie Hall last night – in the Stern Auditorium, no less. She was there as part of Oratorio Terezin. (I believe this was Kaili’s tenth performance with them including the premiere in 2003, Europe in 2004, Toronto again last fall and now New York.) We got a breathless phone call from her last night, after the performance. She has had an amazing time on this trip and is in love with New York…which is rather scary as she’ll be spending a month there this summer expanding her design abilities. (I’d really rather not lose my daughter to New York.)

Imagine. Sixteen years old and she’s already sung @ Carnegie Hall. Perhaps one day she’ll return to it as a soloist.

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2 responses to A Kinnon on the Perelman Stage of Carnegie Hall

  1. My mom said the following at my sister’s wedding (in chicago) last summer.

    “We have always encouraged our children to embrace new opportunites and experiences. We taught them to take advantage of every chance that came thier way.”

    I went to the UK for two years, and have decided to live two provinces away. Meredith decided to move to Chicago, and ended up marrying someone she knew from high school.

    The fact that she is there, and enjoying it, is a testament to you and Imbi – you’ve taught her well.

  2. I would not be surprised at all to hear that Kaili would be back on that stage at some point in time!


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