Drew Marshall & Brant Hansen Should Meet

kinnon —  February 17, 2007 — 1 Comment

Jordon Cooper pointed to Darren Freisen’s blog and the interview Ken & Barbie Reynold & Kathy Mainse did with Radio host Drew Marshall. Marshall calls it the first, and probably last time he’ll be on Huntley. Brian Mullins (via Double D’s link blog) comments:

…a few minutes into the interview it was obvious that the hosts were having second thoughts. Their mouths said, “glad you’re here”, but their faces said, “get us the Program Director… NOW!” The highlight of the interview came during the first segment when Drew said that the hosts were like “Barbie and Ken dolls”. He later commented that he was referring to their good looks and was not implying that they were at all plastic or fake.

I loved the interview. Marshall was like the Energizer Bunny with ADD – in complete control. Reynold and Kathy were way out of their league. (I know Reynold casually – he was a client of our post-production company – and I think he’s genuinely a good guy. I am not, however, a Huntley Street fan.)

I listened to part of Drew’s show this afternoon and really think he and Brant Hansen need to meet. They seem to be cut from the same (slightly bent) cloth – and they’re both in radio. Michael Spencer should become their iPastor. And Michael would make for a great radio interview with Drew. UPDATE: Michael Comments here. Read the Weary Pilgrim, Ron Cole, here. (Weary’s been added to my Google Reader, as well.) Ron Comments:

…this is live TV…shouldn’t there be a sense of unpredictability. Well, it must have been a flash divine circumstance…but this interview took unpredictability into a whole new realm.

It’s almost as if Reynold and Kathy Mainse unknowingly have taken the pin out of a live handgrenade…and now desperately try and disarm it by trying to put the pin back in. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether they were successful.

Part One of the Huntley interview is here. Part Two, here. Read all of the Mullins post, too. (I’m adding him to my Google Reader.)

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  1. Wow…that was painful to watch, in a really great, great way.


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