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kinnon —  February 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

I’m busy inputting footage into Final Cut Pro – and am reading my favourite bloggers whilst doing it. This list has been updated a number of times already this morning.

  • Emerging Grace continues her Leadership series with Part 4
  • Mike Todd continues with his story in Jumping Off a Cliff Slowly
  • Alister McGrath (who will be a Wycliffe College for Refresh this spring) comments on fellow Oxford prof, Richard Dawkins. via TSK
  • Rick Meigs, aka The Blind Beggar has written an interesting post on the Multi-site Faith Community – read the comments
  • Brother Maynard, comments on the Blind Beggar’s Missional “Elevator Pitch” and Missional Leadership – as insightful as usual
  • Jamie Arpin-Ricci continues his Friday Art Reflections
  • Michael Spencer alone is reason enough to use Google Reader (or any good RSS reader) – so you that you won’t miss any of his writing whether @ the BHT or InternetMonk. Read “Do You Know About This?”
  • Alan Hirsch, who’s book, The Forgotten Ways is a must read, begins Dethroning Constantine
  • Byron Borger, he of the best independent bookstore, has an important post on William Wilberforce – and the struggle to end slavery…today
  • Ed Brenegar asks the question, Web 2.0 – Only for the spiritually mature?
  • I’ve added an interesting new blog to my Google Reader – John Lunt’s In the Way.
  • And another one – Karen from Think Virtue, who just left a comment on this blog – she’s a good writer – even if there’s a little too much of the colour pink on her blog 😉

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