Miscellaneous Meanderings for a Friday Afternoon

kinnon —  February 16, 2007 — Leave a comment
  • Brant Hansen on Mac Hammond and his wonderfilled church – Mac kinda sings Janis Joplin sideways (Oh Lord, woncha buy me / a Porsche, an a plane / I’m counting on you, Lord / Though I might just be insane / … – to make this work, Porsche has to be pronounced correctedly as Pour – sha)
  • Brant is growing as an artist (but still has lots of room for growth)
  • Ben Witherington on Zondervan’s Rob Bell (I wish Rob would fill in the missing ministry years from Velvet Elvis)
  • Doc Searls recommends NPR’s Rough Cuts – he’s hanging out with the NPR folk right now
  • Robbymac comments on the Leadership commentary
  • Cringley has some thoughts on the new Apple TV
  • I want one of these houses
  • Dove proves Beauty Knows No Age (at least in Germany)

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