Miss Danforth (Dani) on My Couch

kinnon —  February 1, 2007 — 2 Comments

For people like my blog friend, Susan, who care more about a puppy than me (sniff) – here’s what you’ve been waiting for…Dani shots.


Taken with my Sony Ericsson phone. Imbi and Rylan have a lot better shots…they’re just not on this computer, yet.

BTW: This may mean that achievable ends has morphed into a cat blog…well not actually cats but you get the drift, right?



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2 responses to Miss Danforth (Dani) on My Couch

  1. were there words I was suppposed to read? The pictures cover them.

    The photos are cute though. Is she chewing wood yet (our first dog chewed our antiques – sour apple worked great!)

  2. She’s perfectly beautiful!!!

    oh, ….and so are YOU, Bill.

    Now pardon me, I’m late for coffee with a few of my penguins friends….


    (I do hope you’re feeling better now)


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