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kinnon —  February 1, 2007 — 1 Comment

As this week has been a fun-filled time for certain Norwalk bugs who danced joyously through my G-I system, loudly singing songs of bathroom visits, rapid weight loss and human groaning, my blogging has been limited at best. That won’t change much today. Just a random thought.

Homogeneous Team Building – a while back, whilst engaged in the I’m a Christian, I’m a Christ-follower “commercials” discussion, I stumbled across the advice of a “successful” pastor on how to build great teams. Part of his advice was based on what one might call, parking-lot-analysis. He said that, if when you drove into your church and you saw someone’s car there and it didn’t get you excited, then that person probably shouldn’t be on your team. In other words, as the leader, if someone doesn’t excite you, then off the team they should go.

Might I suggest that this is the best way to build homogeneous teams. No need to worry about alternate opinions. No need to have any iron sharpening iron. (I mean, who’d clean up the filings anyway.) Just a lot of really happy people excited to see each other. (I worry for this guy’s marriage, but that’s another story.)

I can picture the disciples now, gathered together at Jerusalem. Peter rides in and notices Paul’s donkey. Was his first thought, “alrighty, Paul’s here” or was it more like “crap, now what.” (I know someone’s offended by my idea that Peter might say “crap” but that’s just because you’ve never met a real fisherman.) Of course, the aforementioned pastor might not be impressed with the team that Jesus put together – and, God knows, homogeneous teams are much easier to work with.

Now I need to lie down. Again.

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  1. I think that’s why I like teaching in the public school I am in. It’s great to have the conservative ukranian (who also is a landlord) bait the NDP supporting renter.

    It’s great entertainment in the staff room, but also has great discussion value.


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