Random Things – Friends, Degrees & The Police in Toronto

kinnon —  February 13, 2007 — 2 Comments

We have a couple of very good friends visiting us for a few days. Two brothers who were once both lawyers. One is now a Rector of an Episcopal Church in the US, the other, still a lawyer in the City of London. They are wonderful friends of each other – as well as of ours. (In fact, we see them more as family than friends.) One of their daughters is with us as well – we’ve known her since she was born and she too is more like family.

They are the primary reason blogging has been less substantive than normal. That and a wonderful amount of work that I need to get done for next week.

Upcoming post – Six Separations of Degrees

I do want to pursue the interesting degrees that a number of Christians seem to sport as badges of self-aggrandisement. When certain post-graduate degree-granting institutions appear to be nothing more than a phone in an office, one is left to wonder about the legitimacy of said graduate degrees. And when one demands the title “Doctor” from an apparent honorary degree granted by an unknown/unlocatable institution, one is further left to question said title.

Part of why this bothers me is that my wife is pursuing her Master’s from a seminary that is part of the University of Toronto. My blogging friend, Susan is working on her Master’s from Denver Seminary. Another blogging friend, John Santic is working on his Master’s at Carey Theological College, UBC in Vancouver – and blogging compatriot, Mike Todd is at Regent College, UBC. They are all working their tails off to get legitimate theological degrees from recognized Christian seminaries. Our visiting friend, the Episcopal Rector, is a British lawyer, spent three years at Oxford studying Theology , and is working on his Doctorate from a well-known and well-respected American seminary. His older brother is also a lawyer and has two master’s degrees from the University of Toronto. (Imbi and I both have undergraduate degrees from Ryerson University in Radio & Television Arts.)

What is my point?

20+ years ago, I greatly offended an acquaintance when I asked her how she listed a degree on her business card, when she was actually one credit short of getting that degree – and proudly could not be bothered to earn that credit. She had conferred the degree upon herself. She was not a professing Christian (although that was not an excuse for her action.) I do believe that as Christians, we need to be held to the highest ethical standards – including the use of any titles or status conferred by earned degrees or even honorary degrees. And if we decide to cavort in the media/public square, brandishing said titles, then we need to be held to account for their validity. Something I plan on pursuing in a later post.

The Police and my son, Liam
We picked up one of the aforementioned brothers from the airport on Sunday and all of us in town, met up at Myth on the Danforth for a great Greek meal. As a result, we missed the opening of the Grammys – and therefore The Police. (I thought the Grammys began at 9pm EST.) I had promised Liam (in Ottawa) that I would record the Grammys in HD (which I did from about 8:35pm on) – and know he really wanted to see Sting, Copeland and Summers. Sorry, Li. It didn’t happen.

You’ll have to live with this on YouTube, for as long as it’s up. Copeland is still a great drummer, Summers a great guitar player and Sting…well…I’ve never stopped being a fan – but brother, you’re 55 – dress appropriately. I have managed to get two tickets for their Toronto show through BestBuy. (I could only get two at this time. I hope to get three to five more when they go on general sale in two weeks for the rest of the Kinnon family and two other friends.)

And now back to work.

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2 responses to Random Things – Friends, Degrees & The Police in Toronto

  1. Bill,

    I’ve had numerous Christian job counselors tell me I needed to embellish or alter my CV, especially to hide my Christian Education major in college. When I protest that changing the major from “Christian Education” to merely “Education” is a flat-out deception (especially since my college had a separate plain vanilla Education major/department), I was always told the same thing: “Everyone does it.”

    Nevermind the Scriptural injunctions against that kind of thing, didn’t they ever hear from their mommas about jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge because everyone else does?

    I guess the rot goes back further than I think!

    Re: The Police

    One of my all-time favorite bands, I had tickets to see them at the height of their popularity, but then learned the concert fell on Good Friday. I ended up giving away my tickets. Stayed home and fasted and prayed as I usually did on that day. Never saw ’em live. Sometimes you just have to make the right choices.

  2. I kinda liked the sleeveless thing, because it was sort of an 80’s look. I thought they were going to do more than one tune, and I was surprised it was Roxanne.

    My wife walked in and said, “Man, they’ve aged…”

    I thought she was about to say, “nicely”, as in, “they’ve aged nicely…” — but no. Just, “Man, they’ve aged…”


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