The Ever Brilliant Kathy Sierra and her Moleskin PDA

kinnon —  February 1, 2007 — 1 Comment

Moleskinepda1-2Kathy expresses both her love for her Moleskin and how it keeps her organized. I’ll need to spend a few hours with this post.

She answers the ever present question:

…why the pricey Moleskine rather than a cheaper alternative? Two reasons:

1) It’s a bit like the Mac/iPod vs. PC/non-iPod question, where Mac users will defend their more expensive choice by explaining the ways in which the qualities they care about are superior. You can choose to believe that the extra price for Moleskine notebooks is justified by the higher quality/durability, or you can choose to believe Moleskine users have drunk too much koolaid or are just showing off. (The higher quality isn’t really open for debate, it’s the whether that quality is justified that sparks the arguments between the Moleskinites and the… lesser beings.)

The extra-sturdy aspect of Moleskines makes them better suited for archiving the physical books. They wear well when in use, and they keep well when you’re done.

2) There’s a theory that says you’ll place a higher value on something you’ve spent more money on, and this is a big part of it for me. I’m forever losing pens and cheap notepads, but this thing I treat a little more like my cell phone or–when I used one–my Palm PDA. This second reason might seem silly or trivial, but I believe it matters. Think about the fact that most people treat the things they’ve invested in with more care than cheaper disposable items.

BTW: I’m a partial convert. I use my Moleskin for note taking…when I remember it.

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One response to The Ever Brilliant Kathy Sierra and her Moleskin PDA

  1. As always a thought generating reflection from Kathy.

    Since my interest revolve a great deal about ownership and stewardship themes I found Kathy’s second point the most interesting.

    As Kathy’s note there are at least two kinds of ownership; owning something cheap and disposable, and owning something worthy of attention and investment.

    I’m really glad you picked up on Kathy’s post Bill. Thanks for adding it to your blog and enlarging the conversation.

    Keep creating…and stay warm friend,


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